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Welcome to Functional - Osteopathic Center

A Functional Body is a base that we should have wether as an office worker or athlete.

The base for a functional body is to have an efficient and balanced muscular system, muscles and joint flexibility with a full range of motion.

Our objective at Functional Malta is to help you live pain free, improve mobility, optimise performance prevent and treat pain and injuries. 

Sport Analysis /

Postural, gate and muscular analysis.

We will guide you through your training routine or daily life habits to reach your objectives and optimise your body.

Pain Management / Rehabilitation / Sport Recovery

Short term pain relief osteopathic treatment.

Long term postural correction or rehabilitation programs.

Specific treatments to boost your muscular recovery.

Relaxation / Beauty Massages

Whether it's deep tissue or sports massage, your body deserves some relaxation to boost your muscular recovery.

A beauty massage will help to reduce cellulite and improve lymphatic drainge.

With you to reach your full potential !

Sébastien Dupart
Osteopath & Founder

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Born in France, Sebastien has worked in the field of osteopathy for 10 years, across four countries, including France, China, Bahreïn and Malta.

Through his experience, Sebastien has encountered different matters with various patients such as infants, athletes, pregnancy, office workers, and more.

The concept of Functional Osteopathy was created as a hub to assist with injury prevention and pain management.

Sebastien strongly believes that pain could be avoided with the correct routine, habits, training, and treatment.

With the use of a range of customised techniques of muscles and joints manipulation the ultimate aim is to guide you to successfully reach your life or athletic objectives.

Prevention is better than Cure !

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