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Sports Analysis

Wish to understand your body ? Starting working out but don't know what to do or not to do ? Want to improve in your sport ? Avoid injuries ? Find out your imbalances ? Make your training more efficient ? 
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From Analysis to Performance

Our team is here to help you build a functional body that will allows you to enjoy your dailylife painfree & motionfree, reach your objectives, enhance your performances and reducing the risk of injury.

We provide different levels of body analysis using different tools to give you the maximum of useful information.

1/ Meet your therapist to talk about your objectives.

2/ Structural analysis.

3/ Gates testing.

4/ Global Mobility Conditionning Testing.

5/ Muscular imbalances testing.

At the end of the testing your therapist will provide a list of suggestions: exercises, training, additional medical testing...

You can share these suggestions with your coach or personal trainer in order to adapt your current training.

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