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Wellness Membership

osteopathy back pain physiotherapy chiropractor injury sports manual therapy neck recovery

Promote Wellness and make it more affordable.
Flexibility: chose the treatment you want depending on your mood or objective.


Prevent obesity and pathologies related to this condition.

Relax your brain and muscles from stressful work. 

Prevent risk of sport injury and optimise performances.

Accompany you in your journey to reach your optimal performance in your sport.

Helping you to reach your aesthetic goals and obtain or maintain your ideal physic. 

unwind on your day off, weekend or lunch time

For office workers: 

For casual or professional athletes:

Duration: 3 months


  • 50% discount on "massage & sports recovery" services

  • 50% discount on "Sculpt / Firm / Tone" services

  • FREE 2h parking for each visit

  • FREE access to sauna

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